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Nitrit Acid Asam Nitrat
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Specification of Nitrit Acid Asam Nitrat

Nitrit Acid Asam Nitrat

SELL Nitric Acid Made in Belgium Chemical Gold Mine and Industrial Chemical CHEAP PRICE, QUALITY GUARANTEED IF INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT: 0819 32 19 5555.

Nitric acid. this product has many uses in the industrial field its usefulness is to passivation steel or stainlesteel after fabrication process is complete before used to save certain chemicals besides for process of gold this chemical is ammonium nitrate raw material beside other usage for synthesis organic dyes cellulose nitrate polyurethane metallurgy steel etching pickling etc. These chemicals have hno3 chemical formula and these chemicals are highly corrosive strong acids based on their nitric acids grouped as either hazardous chemicals or b3 these chemicals are a colorless and toxic corrosive substance that can be causing burns of nitric acid solution with nitric acid content of more than 86persen is called as smoky nitric acid and can be divided into two types of acids namely white smoky nitric acid and red smoky nitric acid pt park eden sells this product in black jerry packaging gan 30 kg weight for its price please contact our marketing we are distributor supplier of equipment agent selling agent price hno3 processing. gold mining chemicals indonesia. golden mercury, sodium cyanide, cyanite, cn, activated carbon platinum, power gold, borax, borax decadydrate, caustic soda, pb, sulfate, hydrogen peroxide, chloride, hcl, tool equipment, processing, mining, nitric acid.

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