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Borak Borax
Borak Borax
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27 Mar 2020
1 sak

Specification of

Borak borax


Product turkey

Type: Borak

Package: Sak

Weight: 25 Kg

Origin: Turkey

Price: Rp /Sak

Borak Turkey In Use For Combustion Process Of Gold/Gray In Gold Processing, Banya Various Types Of Borak Borak, However, Circulating In Turkey Is The Most Suitable Borak/Efective For Capuran Process, Because It Could Stabilize The Burning Heat In The Combustion And Ease The Metallic Gold For United, In The Process Burning Ash/Cocentrate. 2 This Is Not Needed For Mencagahnya Du Union Of Gold (Ripe) So The Use Of This Type Can Be Memaximalkan Borak Results Processing

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