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Hydrogen Peroxide
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Specification of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

Sell ​​Hydrogen Peroxide Sell with PRICE OF GUARANTEED QUALITY DISTRIBUTOR We are Supplier to gold and chemical industry industry big and small IF YOU INTEREST CONTACT US at: 0877 7320 8775

Hydrogen peroxide. its chemical name h2o2 was discovered by louis jacques thenard in 1818 this compound is an inorganic chemicals which have strong oxidizing properties of chemical raw materials this is gas and oxygen gas technology which widely used in chemical industry this is auto oxidation anthraquinone h2o2 colorless smelly typical of slightly acidic and well dissolved in normal conditions very stable ambient conditions with a decomposition rate of approximately less than 1 per cent per year can be used in gold mining and can also be used for other industrial uses of these chemicals that are indispensable for gold and mine purposes can also be used for other uses Another usefulness is to clean our house and often used for healing skin wounds other than it is used as first aid medication you can use to clean various home furnishings for example you can clean wooden cutting board in kitchen using material this chemical you can also kill the bacteria and remove the remaining pesticides in raw vegetables by sprinkling them before washing and rinsing with water following sharing the usefulness and benefits of stain remover of your clothes or sofa exposed mud ink smudges or oil try to remove the stain by using you can even remove the yellowing stains of sweat on the clothes by washing with water that has been given this chemical solution even blood stains from the clothing can be easily removed by using these chemicals, then washed with detergent as usual stain cleaners on the floor this way to maintain sparkling white floors in your home or bathroom can mop floors with a mixture of water and a solution of vinegar to a clean white floor cleaner your kitchen utensil cleaner can clean many things in the kitchen using this chemical cutting board surface surface refrigerator microwave oven sponge dish wash dish pi sau pans as an anti-bacterial wash and then rinse with water as usual cleaning kitchen sink and kitchen ceramic odor on sink, bathroom or kitchen odor can be removed with this solution is also active to clean oil stains on the surface of the kitchen and sink so that the surface ceramic be re-shiny clean this product is a powerful disinfectant killing bacteria so you can spray through the bottle to keep vegetables free of bacteria this solution also serves to remove residual pesticide attached to abuah and vegetable pad if you spray on vegetables and fruit make sure afterwards you wash and rinse it with net pt garden eden sell this product packing in jerry heavy weight 35 kg if you need this product please contact us we give best price of product. chemicals, mercury, sodium cyanide cyanite cn activated carbon platinum power gold borax borax decadydrate sodium fire pb nitric acid sulphate nitric acid chloride hcl tool mining processing equipment.

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