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Asam Klorida Hcl
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Specification of Asam Klorida Hcl

Asam Klorida Hcl


Acidity: 32-33%

Hydrochloric Acid or HCL is a Strong Acid and one of the main components in gastric acid.

These compounds are also widely used in the industry.

Hydrochloric acid must be handled carefully because it is a highly corrosive liquid (can lead to annihilation) and smelling pungent.

HCL included material kiMia is dangerous or B3.

HCL uses in daily life on an industrial scale and the scale of households of which are:

1. commonly used on industrial metal to remove rust or iron oxide crust of iron or steel.

2. as a raw material for the manufacture of vinyl chloride monomer, i.e., for the manufacture of plastic polyvinyl chloride or PVC

3. HCl is the raw material for the manufacture of beSI (III) chloride (FeCl3) and polyaluminium chloride (PAC), namely chemicals used as raw material of coagulant and flokulan. Coagulant and flokulan used in water treatment.

4. hydrochloric acid is also used to adjust the pH (acidity) of the wastewater industry.

5. hydrochloric acid is used in the process of regeneration of cation exchanger resin (cation exchange resin).

6. in the laboratorim, hydrochloric acid is commonly used for titrdetermination of base assessment in an aqueous solution.

7. hydrochloric acid is useful as a cleaning fluid making porcelain materials.

8. hydrochloric acid used in the production of gelatin and other additives in food.

9. on an industrial scale, HCL is also used in leather processing

10. a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid (HNO3) or commonly known as aqua regia, is a mix to dissolve the gold.


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