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Power gold
Power gold
Power gold
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27 Mar 2020
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Power gold 

Power gold Chemistry Oxidation System Type Chemical Oxidation System Package Bottle Weight 500 Grams Origin price Idr per 500 grams Type Chemical Oxidation System Package Bottle Weight 500 Grams Origin Price Idr 500 Grams

In Gold Mining With A System Of Sianidasi In General Only Through Two Stages: Sianidasi And Carbonisasi Of This Metal Gained Insufficient, Because Pori2 Dalu Rocks Yet Open And Pyrites And Sulfur Is Very Disturbing Process Leaching

Power Gold Has A New Innovation In The Processing Of Gold, With A Treatment System Using This System Of Processing Gold Through 3 Stages, Namely: Oxidation &Ndash; Resulfurification, Sianidasi And Carbonisasi

It Is Very Effective To Improve The Results Of Gold Until It Reaches 10% &Ndash; Up To 50% More Than The Normal System In The Can/Conventional

How Is The Easiest Way To Test The Effectiveness Of Power Gold?

1. Prepare As Much Raw Materials Processing 2 Kegs At A Time

2. Start The Mixer Is As Usual And With 2 Vacuum Mud Input To 2 Different Barrels Simultaneously, So The Raw Materials The Mixed 2 Dr Tong Flat And Fair

3. After Making Sure The 2 Barrel Processing Already Filled In A Fair Of Quantitas And Completes On Schedule, Perform Processing Simultaneously Using The Same Types Of Chemicals And The Same Processing Time

4. After The Process Of Leaching Is Complete, Please Proceed To The Next Burning Process, Please See The Difference

5. To Ensure A More Precise, Bohai You Can Preferably At Murnikan To Get The Number Of Real Gold In May

6. Prove Yourself The Difference Of Results In A Can, And You Begin To Calculate How Much Profit You Can Be

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