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Specification of Zinc Noodle Foil

Zinc Noodle Foil Seng Mie Product: Zinc Noodle Type: Zinc Package: Sak Weight: 10 Kg Origin: Taiwan Description: Zinc Noodle Is A Material For Capturing Gold In Cyanide Processing System With Soak Zinc noodle or also called foil is used for the capture gold in the system soak technologies to process gold itself there are several methods of extraction such gravity agglomeration flotation cyanidasi amalgamation electrolytic etc but compared with other methods of treating gold with the method of amalgamation of mercury is relatively easier to implement and does not require large investments here will be delivered some processing of gold by several methods

gold processing method immersion system

a material that has been refined with a mesh plus 200 equals 30 tons

b chemical formula

1 = 40 kg NaCN

2 H2O2 = 5 liters

3 caustic Soda / Soda Fire = 5 kg

4 Ag NO3 = 100 grams

Epox 5 Cl = 1 liter

6 Lead Acetate = 0:25 liters (liquid) / 1 ounce (powder)

7 Zinc dass / zinc coil = 15 kg

8 H2O (water) = 20.000 liters

c Process Immersion treatment in a chemical bath tubs 1

1 NaCN was dissolved in H2O (water) measured at pH 7

2 Add costik soda (+ 3 kg) to obtain PH 11-12 3. Add H2O2, Ag NO3, Cl Epox stirring until dissolved, maintained at 11-12 PH treatment in Bak II (Bak Lumpur) 1. Ore / gold ore smoothed with mesh + 200 = 30 tonnes inserted into the tub 2. The chemical solution of Bak I sucked by the pump and poured / put Bak II ore slurry to soak for 48 hours 3. After that, the water / solvent derived entirely to Bath I and let stand for 24 hours, maintained at pH 11-12. If the pH is less to raise plus costic soda taste. 4. Pumped again to Bak II, let stand for 2 hours and then recirculated to the first through Bak Bak Tapping / Arrest filled with dass Zinc / zinc coil to bind / capture Au and Ag metal (gold and silver) from the rich aqueous solution. 5. Perform solution circulation / Zinc-rich water up dass / zinc coil crushed like sand for 5-10 days. 6. Zinc dass / zinc coils that have been destroyed then removed and put into a container to be squeezed with famatex cloth. 7. To clean filtrate from the zinc dass or other debris using 200 ml of H2SO4 and 3 liters of hot water. 8. Once the fuel filtration to obtain bullion. 2. Processing Gold In Cyanide a. Ways and Work Steps 1. Material in the form rocks smoothed by using a grinding tool so that it becomes flour (mesh + 200). 2. Material in insert into the fuel tank, then add H2O (2/3 of the material). 3. Add Tohor (Kapur) until the pH reaches 10.2 to 10.5 and then add Nitrate (PbNO3) 0.05%. 4. Add Sianid 0.3% while stirring until (t = 48 / 72H) while in the guard pH (10-11) with (T = 85 degrees). 5. Then strain and add the filtrate on carbon (4/1 portions) and stir until (t = 48h), and then filtered. 6. Carbon dried and then burned, to be Bullion or use. (method 1). 7. The method of Merill Crow (with the addition of Anode Zink / Zink Dass), filtered and purified / burned to Bullion. (method 2). 8. Carbon removed from the womb of another acid (3/5%), during (t = 30 / 45m), then rinse with H2O for (t = 2J) at (T = 80-90 degrees). 9. Perform Pretreatment process by using a solution of 3% Sianid and Soda. (NaOH) 3% for (t = 15 - 20m) at (T = 90 - 100o). 10. Make the process Recycle Sianid elution by using a solution of 3% and 3% during Soda (t = 2.5 h) at (T = 110-120 degrees). 11. Perform Water elution process by using a solution of H2O at (T = 110 - 120o) during (t = 1.45j). 12. Perform Cooling process. 13. Strain then do with the electrowinning process (V = 3) and (A = 50) for (t = 3.5j). b process Purification of bullion can be done with beberpa methods: 1 Quick method is Hidrometallurgy is to be dissolved in a solution of HNO3 and then add salt to precipitate silver while gold is insoluble in HNO3 solution was subsequently filtered wrote and burned. 2 methods Slow In Hidrometallurgy plus Electrometallurgy by using a solution of H2SO4 and enter plates Copper in solution and then enter Bullion into the solution, there will be a process of hydrolysis where silver will be dissolved and attached to the plate Copper stick not so kerasmudah off while gold does not dissolve lagging at the base of the live fuels wrote respectively, so pure metal deh 3 processing method Gold Amalgamation

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